Caregiving and Patient Advocacy



Caregiving and Patient Advocacy

The Caregiving Trap: Caregiving “Depends” on Family Relationships. Pamela’s video that discusses the unexpected role of caregiving and the common challenges confirming that support is beneficial for family caregivers and care recipients
Pamela D. Wilson


We provide client and patient advocacy services. We support family caregivers and care recipients to receive the care and attention desired from the healthcare system that is often a challenge to navigate if one lacks experience or simply does not know what questions to ask.

This includes navigating relationships with physician offices, hospitals, care communities (memory care, nursing homes, assisted living, independent living), care agencies (medical or companion services), hospice providers, physical therapy providers, insurance companies, oxygen and medical equipment companies and a lost list of related services.  Caregiving and patient advocacy is important to ensure that you or a loved has the best quality of life possible.

We understand many of the challenging situations because of our experience navigating for caregivers, care recipients, and patients since 2000. Caregiving and patient advocacy is a significant part of the work that we perform, day in and day out for our clients. It’s always the little details, if left unattended, which cause the most significant challenges and concerns.

Many times the healthcare system is just that — a system in which you become lost. There exists little personalization. Many times you feel like a number in a long line of people waiting to be served. Due to provider time constraints, the human touch is absent. You feel like you are receiving standard responses and keep calling back to receive the same frustrating answer: “that’s our policy, that’s all we can do for you, this is the way we do things, you’ll have to call back and speak with a supervisor.”

We offer a personal touch, human compassion, and understanding of your situation. Because of our experience we are able to navigate and find solutions quickly. If you find yourself in one of the situations below, contact us to schedule a 15 minute consultation to determine how we can help:

  • You fear losing your independence but lack knowledge of available services and support
  • You are navigating differing family opinions about what is best for the care of a loved one and everyone involved seems conflicted
  • Care partners (doctors, home care, hospitals etc.) are talking in words that you do not understand.  You’re not certain what you’re being told and how this relates to your care needs or even what you should be doing.
  • You are in and out of your doctor’ office in 15 minutes; your questions were not answered and you don’t feel that your physician cares about your needs.
  • Care communities seem to be providing poor care for your loved one. You have complained but no action is being taken to resolve your concerns.
  • You are paying for in home care and the caregivers showing up seem more in need of your help and care versus the caregivers being competent to take care of you. What are you paying for?
  • You have had multiple hospitalizations and don’t seem to be improving; your health continues to decline and you are concerned about your ability to manage day to day.
  • Your loved one with dementia isn’t receiving the care he or she needs. You may be an exhausted caregiver or the care provided by a community isn’t meeting your expectations.
  • Your long term care insurance company keeps denying your claim.
  • Your live is too busy to caregive for a family member; you have your own family and career.

As caregiving and patient advocates, we advocate for you and are purposely not associated with any government or similar agencies (we’re frequently asked this question). We work for you and are paid for by you thus we work in your best interest to give you our honest opinions and recommendations. We provide information and support to help you make the best decision for you or a loved one.

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