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The Care Navigator provides case management in Colorado for older adults, the disabled and individuals under guardianship. Case management is a process utilized to assess, provide options, coordinate, implement and monitor services to support the health and daily needs of our clients. Because we incorporate aspects of household and financial management we also refer to ourselves care navigators, a broader term that encompasses all aspects of health and daily life for our case management clients in Colorado.

Denver-Colorado-Case-ManagementThe Care Navigator is a member of the Case Management Society of America and participates in ongoing education and training in the field of case management. We support the concept of patient centered care and we are confident that we are able to provide solutions for case management in Colorado for our clients because of our industry experience since 2000.

The Care Navigator staff has experience in all aspects of case management for our clients in Colorado who wish to remain at home, clients in assisted living communities and those in memory care or skilled nursing who benefit from an advocate to ensure their needs are met and their wishes fulfilled.

Colorado Case Management Examples Situations

Below are examples of common case management situations for families in Colorado where we assessed situations to provide options and coordinated and monitored services on behalf of our clients:

  • A woman diagnosed with bi-polar disorder had a medical setback and retained our assistance in managing daily projects: bill paying, grocery shopping, ordering medications and general household management until she was able to “get back on her feet”.
  • Adult children out of town were concerned about their father living in Denver who was  diagnosed with Alzheimer ’s disease. He was living at home and concern existed about managing medical appointments, medication ordering, bill paying and maintaining all aspects of his home and daily life; we were able to provide oversight and coordination of all aspects to support the father in remaining safely in his home in Colorado.
  • An 80 year old woman with physical disabilities is aware that she may not be the best advocate for herself. She admits that the details of making medical appointments and managing mail and paperwork are more than she wishes to continue to manage. Driving has also become difficult and she wishes to maintain an active social life. Care management, care coordination and options to support her wishes were implemented by the staff of The Care Navigator.
  • A man who recently retired received a medical diagnosis requiring him to have significant daily assistance. Rather than move to a care community, his wish is to remain in his home in Colorado. The Care Navigator implemented case management services including supervision of 24-hour care in his home and provided oversight to ensure that all other aspects of his daily life including medical appointments, bill paying, household management and pet care were successfully managed to provide peace of mind.
  • A daughter was told that her mother could not return home from a skilled nursing community in Colorado because she required “24-hour” care. The caregiver felt threatened by the community who stated they would report the caregiver to adult protective services if she took her mother home. The Care Navigator advocated on behalf of the daughter with the staff of the skilled nursing community to develop a comprehensive case management care plan for the mother that included a variety of services and support. Having a comprehensive case management plan gave confidence to the staff of the skilled nursing community that the mother would receive beneficial services and care when she returned home.
  • A widower was struggling to maintain his home in Colorado including paying bills and managing medical care as his wife, who recently passed away, was his primary caregiver. The Care Navigator staff implemented a case management plan to provide the type of support previously provided by his wife allowing him to remain safely in his home.
  • A daughter living at a distance from her parents had a disappointing experience with a caregiving agency that she employed to care for her parents. The daughter contacted The Care Navigator to interview and to hire a new caregiving agency including development of a case management plan for her parents in Colorado and ongoing agency oversight to ensure that her parent’s needs were being met.
  • A son in Denver works full time and has an active family life with his wife and young children. He does not have time to devote to providing oversight for the care his mother receives in the assisted living community where she lives in Denver. His desire is to visit for a pleasant lunch, dinner or to take his mother for an outing rather than being the daily monitor of her care. The Care Navigator staff developed a case management plan that included visiting his mother to monitor health and personal needs and to meet with the staff of the assisted living to ensure that all of her needs were being met.
  • A spouse diagnosed with memory loss feels that he is a burden on his wife and children.  He sought support in identifying options for social activities and personal care as he feels uncomfortable relaying on his wife or children to perform these tasks.  A case management plan was developed to provide options for social activities including transportation and retaining caregivers to provide support with personal care so that he is able to maintain dignity related to his personal appearance. This allows our client have a sense of control over his day to day life and activities and receive support from The Care Navigator when needs increase.

These are common Colorado case management situations that provide support to care recipients or family caregivers who may feel overwhelmed due to a lack of experience and options. Care recipients may also feel that their care needs place a burden on family making them feel less independent and more reliable on family for support. The Care Navigator provides case management in Colorado to support family caregivers and care recipient to ensure that needs are met and that independence and personal dignity are preserved.

Why Our Colorado Case Management is Different

Because of our experience we provide case management services in Colorado to assess, to provide options, to coordinate and to implement and monitor services to support the health and daily needs of our clients. We review and discuss the short and long term aspects of situations to support our clients in planning for today and for the future. In many case management situations, it is important to incorporate a short and long term plan to achieve the goals of the care recipient and the family. Early planning is beneficial as are finances and family involvement and support. In developing case management plans, we provide as little or as much support as our clients and family caregiver’s desire to be successful and as independent as possible.


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