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Consultations, Assessments, Recommendations and Planning (Short and Long Term)

If I only knew in 1995 what I know today things might have been different. Mom, having a very negative perception of nursing homes, made her children promise to never, ever put her in a nursing home. Yet, after hospitalization and surgery, a brief stay at a nursing home may have extended her life. I left to return to California while mom was still in the hospital recovering from surgery. She returned home where she said she wanted to be. Each time I called she was sleeping. We never spoke after the day I said goodbye at the hospital She died shortly thereafter. Was home really the best place? What if she went to a nursing home for rehabilitation? Was there other care that should have been provided at home? Adult children, college educated, intelligent. We didn’t know what we didn’t know.
Pamela D. Wilson

Individuals and family caregivers, new to caregiving don’t know what they don’t know. We offer a handbook to support initial caregiving discussions. We also provide individual consultations to assess, ask questions and gather information. This allows us to make recommendations and provide options and related costs to support short and long term planning. We then provide as little or as much assistance as requested by individuals to implement, provide oversight and plan for future care needs.

rose-ulAssessment of care situation and recommendations including needs, costs and options for both short and long term; facilitate discussions regarding care.

rose-ulSituation assessments benefit from a look at the big picture, including health history, available finances for care, legal planning, personal preferences, available and able caregivers and many more considerations. The wishes of both the caregiver and the care recipient are considered and balanced. Conversations regarding the realities of care are a component of situations where family caregivers feel overwhelmed by the needs of the situation and are uncertain about options.

rose-ulMany times situations of care benefit from the inclusion of a variety of care components as health conditions advance. Most individuals would prefer to remain at home if at all possible. Family caregivers are generally unaware of all the options to support ongoing independence and many are surprised at how many options do exist. While many individuals and families rely on physicians to provide care options, this isn’t the role of a physician. The role of a physician is to treat medical conditions. The Care Navigator has the expertise and experience to provide options related to care and improving daily quality of life through our assessment and recommendation program.

rose-ulExecution of recommendations.

rose-ulWe provide as little or as much support as requested by individuals and our clients. We complete one time or occasional projects all the way to comprehensive care management and oversight for 24/7 care situations.

rose-ulCompletion and submission of Medicaid applications.

rose-ulWe provide support in completing Medicaid applications and will refer to attorneys if situations are complex and would benefit from legal review.

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