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As adult children we see our parents as ever capable and ever independent until the day they are not. We have no idea that our parents may not know how to make a household budget, balance a checkbook, question a doctor’s advice or complete a whole list of other tasks we do in the course of a regular day until we step in to provide support. My parents were high school graduates. They lived through the Great Depression. They struggled financially to raise six children in very different times. It’s important for us as children to acknowledge the different life experiences of our parents in order to become supportive caregivers. Pamela D. Wilson


We provide case management in Colorado for older adults, the disabled and individuals under guardianship.  The amount of details involved in successfully managing daily health and/or to provide oversight of a home environment is a full time job for caregivers who selflessly give of their time and effort. While spouses are usually full time caregivers, adult children holding down careers and raising their own children are often thrust into the role of caregiver. Caregiving is a noble effort that many caregivers, including spouses, attempt and eventually find themselves exhausted and ill. Few caregivers want to admit that they can’t do it all, even though family and friends often express concern that falls on deaf ears.

Research indicates that most if not all caregivers become stressed, depressed and ill with more health concerns than the persons for whom they provide care. Because of their dedication, caregivers neglect their own needs for rest and their own health care. In many caregiving situations overwhelm, frustration, guilt and anger are commonly experienced by the caregiver. Care recipients experience similar emotions that also include grief, loss of self esteem and dignity and isolation. Both caregivers and care recipients have great difficulty discussing the burden of care.

As beneficial as family caregivers may be, there are times when an advocate offering expertise, experience and another perspective is beneficial. Because most family caregivers are first time caregivers, the right questions may not be asked of medical and other professional caregivers. Options to improve care may be missed due to a lack of familiarity with available options.

If you find yourself in this or a similar situation here’s how The Care Navigator staff helps:

rose-ulCoordination of a wide range of projects related to health, daily life and home management to support independence

rose-ulWe coordinate and collaborate with physicians and others involved in your care. We also have access to a wide range of other individuals who assist with home maintenance and related projects.

rose-ulCoordination and monitoring of all aspects of care including attending physician appointments, coordinating hospice, home health care, caregivers etc. to ensure consistency of care and to support overall well being;                       communication with family caregivers.

rose-ulWe coordinate and monitor important aspects of care so that small, but important, details are not missed. We collaborate and supervise a wide variety of care situations, for example 24 hour live in caregivers.

rose-ulMonthly bill paying and organization, coordination of income taxes and related projects.

rose-ulWe make sure that monthly bills are paid, bank statements balanced, accounts updated and provide reports that summarize our activities.

rose-ulCoordinate change of insurance during annual open enrollment periods and special situations, initiation of long term care insurance claims.

rose-ulWe initiate long term care insurance claims to ensure payments are received. We provide assistance during open enrollment and related enrollment periods for Medicare and supplemental insurance products.

rose-ulRecommendation and coordination of beneficial community services.

rose-ulWe recommend community services and activities that benefit the health and well being of our clients. We coordinate implementation and ongoing oversight of recommended services.

rose-ulHome safety assessments including recommendation of related equipment; coordination with handyman services.

rose-ulWe assess homes and make safety recommendations, especially areas that are vulnerable to accidents like entry and stair ways, bedrooms, bathrooms kitchens and common areas.  We also coordinate services of a                         handyman to assist with installation of safety equipment or modifications.

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