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Pamela D. Wilson, MS, BS/BA, CG, CSA, Certified Senior Advisor specializes in working with family and professional caregivers to navigate healthcare and aging concerns.  Whether it’s a situation of immediate crises where decisions must be made quickly or a situation where a longer term plan is needed.  Pamela is a court appointed guardian.  She was producer and host of The Caring Generation®, from 2009 to 2012 an educational radio program for caregivers on 630 KHOW-AM.  In addition to her work at the Care Navigator, Pamela gives back to the community by serving as chairperson of the Community Ethics Committee in Denver, Colorado.

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I was born in Omaha, Nebraska and lived in a small neighborhood where I knew the names of each family who lived on my block and the neighboring blocks. My grade school class at St. Francis of Assissi numbered less than twenty and consisted of many good friends some of whom I’m still in touch with today. Our neighborhood was a small community bordered by industry on four sides and knitted together by a Catholic Church and School. There was no crime. Back in the early 60’s it was safe to play in the streets. Children respected their elders.

My mother was the family caregiver who cared for members of our family, many times in our home, or who went faithfully to visit family in nursing homes and hospitals. She placed flowers on family graves every Memorial Day and proudly celebrated Mother’s Day and other holidays. Mom taught me the basics of life. I learned early on how to pass through the grocery store line and to count change. She instilled in me a love for reading by taking me to the library every Saturday morning to participate in the children’s book club and to check out my own books. She taught me to sew and I made all my own clothing when I was in my late teens and early twenties. She taught me the value of work, saving money and paying cash not using credit. Even more importantly she was a role model for caring for older members of our family.

I was born to my mother at the age of 35; I lost mom the year I turned 35. My father passed away several years later. My oldest sister, Becky, died in a car accident when she was 29, I was 17. My oldest brother passed away almost a year after my father. By the time I was 40 years old I had lost 50% of my immediate family, all grandparents, aunts and uncles. Many view my life experience as a tragedy. I view the events of my life as multiple defining moments of who I am today and the reason I’m able to serve older adults and their families. I’ve lived through the experiences many of my clients and their adult children are experiencing today..

Somehow I knew from an early age that this was my path in life, yet it took about 40 years to come to this realization. While cleaning out books at my parent’s home after dad passed away, I found a book tucked in the bookcase of my bedroom upstairs. A piece of paper sticking out, a list of things I wanted to do when I graduated from high school: 1) a forest ranger, 2) fly planes in the Air Force, 3) join the Peace Corps and 4) help old people. It’s amazing the insight we have when we’re young that we bypass or forget until we’re older, if we’re able to remember at all. I am privileged to serve the older adults and families I meet in my daily work. I’ve met amazing individuals who have taught valuable lessons and told stories I will pass on to others.

Another unexpected blessing in my life was to produce and host The Caring Generation radio program. Through this program I interviewed experts from around the world with the common interest of educating caregivers. After ending the radio program this website became and still is a work in progress. My desire is to turn The Caring Generation into a website that provides education for family and professional caregivers around the world. Visit The Caring Generation to see my progress.

I hope the information presented in this website and on The Caring Generation helps you understand that you are not alone. In this moment you’re in exactly the right place to find information to support your caregiving journey. May God Bless you.